Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

Category: Single Reviews

Single reviews are one of our key specialities. We are the pundit who expresses our opinion on the latest releases in the music industry. Do we enjoy it? We love it. It gets us through our day being the expert eye on a diverse range of genres and music styles.

In our tenure, we have had the pleasure to review some of the worlds greatest tracks, and our views provide a clear insight into how amazing we believe a record is and also how we think it could have been better. We are honest and upfront, we do not mince our opinions. Also, we make judgements not only our expert ear but also our intuition. But, we are not the messiah, and our views are genuinely our own; therefore, we leave it up to you to decide if you agree or oppose our words.

Music is all about personal opinion, and that is what we relish most. There is no one song which makes everybody feel the same, and we do not admire every sound which hits our ear. But we genuinely like every genre. As a result, we do not form a bias to a particular artist, style or genre type. Yet, we strive to listen to the best and freshest new singles. Also, we do not deliberately pen hate or extreme admiration to songs we love or despise. Therefore, the majority of our single reviews will view both sides of the coin, and through expert analysis and background research, we aim to be as accurate as we can.