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Weezer, ‘All My Favorite Songs’ – Single Review

Californian rockers, Weezer catapult out of new music Friday with their latest release ‘All My Favorite Songs’. The new track is the first to drop from the group’s upcoming album ‘OK Human‘ which will arrive on January 29.

The track gives an insight into frontman Rivers Cuomo record collection. Probably a collection you would wish to avoid if you are looking for the feel-good given that all of his favourites are slow and sad. Pretty difficult to imagine given their charismatic nature as an outfit. Also, he speaks about his friends who he claims make him mad. The solemn poetry does not stop there either; the trend carries on with Rivers pretty much feeling downbeat for the entirety.


But, paradoxically the music challenges with an opposite angle. Yes, the orchestral arrangement is heartfelt and profound with ethereal texture, but the foundation is relatively joyous. The beat pushes through with likeable cadence, and the electric range of sounds are jovial. Additionally, take away the vocals, and it would be a pretty up-lifting piece.

As the track progresses, the mix takes many turns. As a result, the path is unpredictable, and Weezer keep the momentum flowing with vitality. Their eccentric influence and style leaves an indent in the compound, and they create a sound which is difficult to emulate or locate elsewhere.

The new surprise album which contains 12 tracks including ‘All My Favorite Songs‘ is bound to be a big hit for the group. The excitement will not stop there though with the group also dropping their Van Weezer album in May.

Two albums in quick succession? Yes, that is right. The group have been bustling. Bring it on!

You can take a listen to ‘All My Favorite Songs‘ by Weezer below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to the rockers new release. As always, we love to hear your thoughts.

Emily Harris


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