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The Killers, ‘C’est La Vie’ – Single Review

The Killers release unusual yet invigorating new release, ‘C’est La Vie’. It is a track which would be unrecognisable to the band if it were not for Brandon’s lead vocal. Furthermore, the music takes on a new direction, and if you after something just that little bit different, this one is for you!

‘C’est La Vie’ has a feel-good rhythm with a beach holiday vibe which takes The Killers to a new realm. It is very unorthodox to their usual sound, proving that they are not afraid to try something new. The lyrics though are ambiguous. It is difficult to pinpoint the meaning or the influence of Brandon’s words, but who cares? It is not the first time Brandon has played with his poetry often leaving the world wondering.


The instrumental is groovy, and the strange sounds that arrive as the track progress keep the excitement flowing. The arrangement is courageous with the mix becomes a jumbled mess, but it works, weirdly. Also, any sound could have leapt out of this track, and it would hardly have been a shock, it is one of those tracks where everything works on it, even if it is all over the place.

Overall, ‘C’est La Vie’ proves how far The Killers have come. They are probably one of the few bands who can get away with dropping such an unusual track like this one. So much so, had this been a track for a newcomer, it is highly likely that it would not get a mention.

You can take a listen to ‘C’est La Vie’ by The Killers below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to the new release by commenting on our social media accounts. Do you think this is the best track yet from The Killers? Or do you think it is a step too far?

Emily Harris

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