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The Killers, ‘Dying Breed’ – Single Review

Wow, what a treat we have here with ‘Dying Breed’ by The Killers. I relish how the rockers keep re-inventing their sound, and they have never sounded more awe-inspiring than they do on this new release.

The Las Vegas rock group have been comfortably topping charts left, right and centre since they first broke onto the global scene. But, they are taking even giant leaps here with ‘Dying Breed’. It is a track which follows a similar vibe to their previous hits. Yet it comes with plenty of new direction.

Elongated Intro

It kicks off with an elongated intro with the drumbeat tapping away before a gentle vocal from frontman, ‘Brandon’. The track stays relatively tender for quite some time. But, we all know that it is building up for something monumental and The Killers do not disappoint as it progresses.

As you would expect, the chorus is bold, and the sound is enormous. They combine infectous vocals with Brandon Flowers lending an unforgivable contagious vocal performance. So much so, the melody line cements itself deep with its piercing touch. The music which accompanies his vocal is triumphant. Furthermore, the signature synth pops out of the mix and the rhythm section provides plenty of juice with a funk which will get you tapping your foot instantly.

Cleverly, the group follow an unorthodox structure with them staying well away from the norm of the modern industry. Also, it has an influential outro with the music thumping away. It makes for one of the most beautiful finales to an indie track in recent times.

You can take a listen to ‘Dying Breed’ by The Killers below. Do you think it is their best yet? Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to their new release by commenting on our social media accounts below.

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