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Sia, ‘1+1’ – Single Review

Words: | February 16, 2021
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Sia pushes forward with her new release, ‘1+1‘, it is a track from the singer’s new controversial feature film ‘Music‘. The film is about a young autistic woman and despite many sources claiming that the film is ‘out of tune‘, Sia still gears up for the release.

Vocally, Sia smashes it as you would expect given her string of top 10 releases. Her tone grips instantly, and her harmonically-rich quality oozes confidence from the get-go. But are the lyrics and the movies plot a step too far? Many believe so with many write-ups indicating that the film is a ‘stereotypical portrayal of people with autism’ – Newsweek.


Having not seen the movie as yet, we cannot comment directly on the film, but looking at the music, excellent and loyal Sia fans are sticking by her during the backlash. The music adopts a catchy texture which drives the entire piece forward. It is not a million miles away from Sia’s previous hits, and her instantly recognisable flavour captivates quickly.

Nevertheless, Sia may have been wiser to hire someone with autism to help her with the movie and the music. After all, how can someone who does not have experience truly represent an accurate picture of autism? It is the leading cause of controversy, and it will be no surprise to witness more backlash upon the film’s release. Also, maybe the lead woman role should have been by someone who has autism; indeed, that would have made more sense?

You can take a listen to ‘1+1′ by Sia below. Also, you can watch the preview of the upcoming movie too. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the new release by commenting in the comments sections beneath this post. Are you a fan of the music? What are your thoughts on the movie?

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