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Jade Bird, ‘Headstart’ – Single Review

Jade Bird is giving us a ‘Headstart’ with her new single. It is a track which pushes the super cool singer-songwriter to the top with a direction which will have you itching to hit replay.

It all gets underway with Jade leaping forward to the mic instantly. She sings with a soothing tone which soon diverts down an edgier path as the track progresses. Furthermore, a bluesy guitar melody soon pops out with a beat tapping away in the background. The guitar then rings out with a pure indie aura, and Jade unleashes her gritty quality similar to her previous releases.


Vocally, Jade is a breath of fresh air with a style which you will struggle to find elsewhere in the current game. Moreover, I cannot seem to click away from this track. Especially with her passion and confidence dripping all over the mix. Also, towards the latter, Jade unleashes the big guns with the music becoming even more potent. Additionally, her vocal knocks us off our chair with her evident force shining through the mix.

I also relish the angelic harmonies which match the guitar melody impeccably. It gives the track even more flavour, and it makes the mix super weighty with a glue-like adhesive sticking it all together. Also, I enjoy how Jade stays well away from the status quo, and she is taking her own path, it is refreshing for anybody who fancies something just that little bit unique!

Overall, ‘Headstart’ is a gem from the very start, and it ticks the boxes for any edgy pop fan. Also, Jade brings a brit-pop vibe to the mix too. As a result, I can hear a strong influence from the likes of 90s group, Catatonia.

You can take a listen to ‘Headstart’ by Jade Bird below. Lastly, be sure to let us know your thoughts to the new release by commenting on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris

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