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Gabrielle Aplin, ‘When The Lights Go Out’ – Single Review

Gabrielle Aplin delivers a treat here with ‘When The Lights Go Out‘. So much so, I cannot seem to get enough of it! It fills me with joy, and it makes me excited for the future, which is what I am sure everybody needs right about now given the current times.

Fusing fresh electronic with contemporary pop, Gabrielle kicks off her gem with a melting synth which rises to the top with serene quality. Aplin then makes her way to the mic, and she offers a gentle performance, and she proves that she is an unstoppable force with her vocals boasting an angelic texture.


The mix becomes even more influential as the track progresses. Also, the soundscape delves down a dance route with a summer vibe leaping forward in the chorus. I relish how the track gets me moving my hips to its cadence. But, I wish I could bop along to this one in a club. Nevertheless, I am sure it will still be sending a shockwave across the scene once the clubs re-open.

Towards the latter, Gabrielle smashes even more in-depth with her lyrics hitting home and she speaks about a lover who can only see her when the lights fade. The passion within her vocals is almost tangible, and she sings directly from her heart. It is one of the finest traits which Gabrielle possesses. As a result, time and time again, she has us hanging on the edge of her every word!

Overall, this new style by Gabrielle Aplin is stimulating. I enjoy how she is trying something new, and it is paying off massively.

You can take a listen to ‘When The Lights Go Out‘ by Gabrielle Aplin below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to the new release by commenting on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris

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