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Evanescence, ‘Better Without You’ – Single Review

Words: | March 11, 2021
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Evanescence bring the rock energy with their new release ‘Better With You‘. It is bold, and their dynamic approach to music arrives when the industry needs it the most. Furthermore, a group have not filled the space which Evanescence created, and they sound as thirsty today as they did back when their hit ‘Bring Me To Life‘ took off like wildfire back in 2003.

Better Without You‘ kicks off with a bike chain’s sound. Also, a harrowing childlike melody appears and it sounds similar to the music you would hear at the start of a quintessential horror movie. The vibe does not stop there either; the music post-overture hits with nerve-racking quality, and lead singer Amy Lee keeps the theme propped up with thought-provoking wordplay.


The group follow their signature sound throughout, and their confidence oozes out from the get-go. Also, the track’s pace gets even more intense as it progresses. So much so, it becomes a monumental rock gem once it hits the mid-section. Additionally, what makes this track stand out like the proverbial thumb is that the structure stays far from the status quo. Likewise, a broad range of sounds rise, keeping the excitement flowing and the infectious hooks clobber the chops with bite.

Melodic choruses are what put Evanescence on the rock map in the first place, and Amy delivers a top-class rock delivery once again. Her tone is warm with harmonically-rich texture, and she drives forward with conviction. Similarly, the music is fearless, with a punchy guitar riff crushing through the speakers. Also, the drums are solid, providing the track with a sturdy foundation, and they add to the stadium-quality sound, which the band deliver so well.

You can take a listen to ‘Better With You‘ by Evanescence below. Also, be sure to get your thoughts off your chest by dropping a comment under this article. We respond to every word, and we love to hear feedback.

Emily Harris

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