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Eurovision – Should The UK Even Bother? – Feature

Words: | March 12, 2021
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Eurovision 2021 will take place on the 18th-22nd of May this year in Rotterdam, and the UK have just released their entry.

Regardless of the song’s greatness, the UK always manages to find its way to the table’s bottom. Is it political differences, or is that Europe does not like the music the UK provide? Either way, every year, a new entry appears, and the social media realms start posting ‘Best song ever’ or ‘We are going to win it this year’ and then come the evening, nil-pwa!

So, what is the point? The UK music industry is one of the most exciting and prosperous music industries globally; therefore does the UK even need the cheesy ceremony? It certainly is no way as popular in the UK as it is in other nations around Europe. So much so, some of the UK’s most talented stars avoid it as they believe it will be ‘social and career suicide’. On the flip side, many European musicians dream of representing their nation at the singing finals. Have you seen the film ‘Eurovision’? If not, watch it.

Should the UK do another Brexit but this time on Eurovision? What are your thoughts?

Also, you can listen to the UK’s entry, ‘Embers‘ by James Newman below.

George Millington

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