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Chance The Rapper, ‘The Return’ – Single Review

Chance The Rapper is back fresher than ice with his latest release, ‘The Return‘.

It is a track which boasts festive holiday lyrics but remove the words from the mix, and you would be surprised to discover it is a Christmas song. Furthermore, musically, it has no festivity to it. Instead, it carries an orthodox vibe with a hip hop flavour which could make it to any party across all seasons.

Nevertheless, lyrically, Chance The Rapper hits home with relevancy. Moreover, his words ring true with him singing about popular topics. “My chips pringle, my chips bingo, my green mean go, your green means slow, it’s the young born again, good hood ornament, with a little chicken like a cornish hen, Amazon ordering.” I am sure you can relate to some of this right? We certainly can.


Musically, I enjoy that Chance The Rapper stays genuine to his signature sound despite holiday gems usually offering festive sounds be it bells or something similar. However, not for Chance who stays well away from the Christmas instrumental norm. Moreover, the piano arrangement comes with an off-key texture often delving off the scale but to significant effect. Also, the beat gets us gripping with its contagious cadence.

So, is this a Christmas track which will go down in history? For me, I do not think it is festive enough for people to come back to it every year. So much so, it feels that it was not deliberately set to be a festive release but yet transformed into one at the last moment? Who knows, maybe Chance can clarify?

Still good though!

You can take a listen to ‘The Return‘ by Chance The Rapper below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to the new release by commenting on our social media accounts. We love to hear your feedback.

Emily Harris

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