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Bishop Briggs, ‘HIGHER’ – Single Review

What I love most about my job is finding new music like ‘HIGHER’ by Bishop Briggs.

‘Higher’ is one of the most anthemic tracks to make my playlist in recent times, and it comes with heaps of excitement from the moment it kicks off. Starting is a warm synth arrangement which gradually rises to the surface with Bishop Briggs leaping forward with conviction instantly. The structure follows an up to date foundation. Especially, in the opener with it sounding as though it is coming up from beneath the water, the majority of modern tracks follow a similar path.


From the intro, the cosmopolitan artist delves deep into her vocal range with her singing with resilience. She sings with her all, and she is comparable to some of the most prominent singers today. Also, she pushes her melody forward with a trendy aura and she captivates with every note she delivers.

As the track progresses, we hear a myriad of sounds popping to the top of the mix. Also, although it carries a pop feel, it unleashes a rocky edge which makes Bishop Briggs stand out in a different light. Moreover, her chorus melody comes with brazen quality, and she grips us with her catchy hook.

Towards the latter, Bishop Briggs delves more into the spoken word with her getting a potent message across clearly, leaving no room for ambiguity. She sings about love and pushing to great heights within herself and also in her life. She is stronger than ever before, and she gets this across cleverly through her robust lyricism.

Overall, ‘HIGHER’ is a treasure! It comes big, and it leaves a long-lasting impression. So much so, I cannot bring myself to click away!

You can take a listen to ‘HIGHER’ by Bishop Briggs below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to the new release by commenting on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris

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