Tiësto, ‘The Business’ – Single Review. Read Our Thoughts Here.


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Tiësto, ‘The Business’ – Single Review

Legendary dance DJ, Tiësto is back with his new release ‘The Business’. Taking us into Autumn with a bang, Tiësto crafts a hit which sees the Dutch DJ delve into a new realm with a low vocal taking the focal position in the fresh track.

I first fell in love with Tiësto’s sound many moons ago. His ‘Adagio For Strings’ record was the first vinyl I ever purchased. I still listen to it regularly on my turntable. I believe it was Tiësto who got me into dance in the first place and he has never disappointed me with his new releases. Yet again, I fall for his unique production, and I find ‘The Business’ just as mesmerising as I did when I first came across him in my youth.

‘The Business’ kicks off with a synth gradually rising to the surface and a low octave vocal gliding through with conviction. The intro is simplistic, but I relish this because the best songs needn’t be complicated. A backbeat then arrives with a relatively generic structure. But it changes regularly often boasting a clap beat with a standard beat kick.


The track grows as it progresses with the vocals becoming more in-depth. However, we do not hear a massive climax in the track with it staying constant for the most part. I have to admit, I was expecting an enormous drop somewhere, but although it never came, the energy still flows, and the melody cements itself deep.

Is this the best track yet from Tiësto? Possibly not. However, it is still up there with his most excellent compositions. It stays authentic, and we hear the DJ’s signature sound flourishing. Also, it positions itself in a unique position. So much so, I doubt you will find anything hugely similar elsewhere.

You can take a listen to ‘The Business’ below.

Emily Harris

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