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Sia/ David Guetta, ‘Floating Through Space’ – Single Review

One collaboration which will never grow old is Sia and David Guetta. Having racked up countless top 10s with each other, they get back to business with their new single ‘Floating Through Space‘, and they mesmerise once again!

Futuristic with an ethereal soundscape, the electronic pop track is the work of two musical genius’. Are the pair unstoppable? It appears so. Stunning from the outset, Sia glides with a show-stopping timbre which is heartfelt. Her message is about living, and she provides a strong sense of optimism which is required now more than ever. Additionally, her harmonically rich melodies glow, and her technical vocal skill is influential.

41 Years Since Guetta Started DJing

Musically, David Guetta can do little wrong here. The global star got into djing 41 years ago, and his experience pays off massively. He pushes through with a cleverly-written instrumental, which is full of lush tones and surprising elements. He brings an introspective delight which stands out far greater than the proverbial thumb.

Sia and David Guetta have racked up ten collabs with each other so far, and it is evident to see why the music magnets keep bringing them back together. They are a force, and despite both having very successful solo careers, they catapult themselves even higher when united. Their journey began in 2011 with ‘Titanium‘, and since then, they have never looked back. Also, given how successful each track becomes, it will be no surprise to witness their partnership to continue well into the future.

You can take a listen to ‘Floating Through Space‘ by Sia and David Guetta below. Do you think this is the best collab yet from the pair? If not, which is your favourite? Be sure to let us know your thoughts to the new release by commenting below this article. We love to hear your feedback.

Emily Harris

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