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Paloma Faith, ‘Gold’ – Single Review

Paloma Faith has a feeling that tonight is on her side according to her new release, ‘Gold’.

Fusing contemporary pop with a 60s influence, Paloma smashes the nail on the head once again with this mesmerising hit. Vocally, she sounds delightful with her delicious tone popping out of the mix with vigour. Also, her delivery will throw you off your chair with a timbre which shines like a beacon.


Kicking off, Paloma gets underway with a no hostage approach. Also, she introduces a new vocal effect which we do not hear all too often in her previous releases. Furthermore, it has a robotic feel, and although slightly autotuned, Paloma’s natural vocal soon rises to the top of the mix with a verse which even the sternest of listeners will agree is nail-biting.

Musically, ‘Gold’ is a treasure of all things fabulous in pop. Moreover, the rhythm pushes forward with a sturdy foundation and a myriad of sounds leap out with a dancey texture. Also, the structure regularly changes shape with it picking up pace in the chorus before taking us back down to earth in the verse sections. Towards the latter, the harmonies take the focal position with a gospel-style arrangement. Furthermore, a choir of angelic voices take us deep with them echoing out over Paloma’s impeccable lead.

Overall, Paloma cements herself more in-depth into my favourite artist category with each new release. I relish how she is consistent with her quality, so much so, I cannot pinpoint a single track which I do not savour. Also, Paloma is evolving as an artist, and she proves why she is one of the greats with this new performance.

You can take a listen to ‘Gold’ by Paloma Faith below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to her new release by commenting on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris

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