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New Order, ‘Be A Rebel’ – Single Review

New Order burst through the modern noise with a new track which puts their signature sound at the forefront of indie once again. Their latest release, ‘Be A Rebel’ brings a nostalgic vibe from their 80s heyday but yet it also comes with a new flavour which will have you shaking your hips instantly.

Kicking off is a keys arrangement which any die-hard music fan will instantly associate with the Manchester rock group. Driving forward is a rhythm which is empowering, and it comes with an upbeat tempo which proves that the group are still just as potent today as they ever have been. Vocally, Bernand Sumner smashes it with an impressive vocal, and he leaves no room for ambiguity with a lyricism which cements itself deep.

The chorus is profound with a melody which whirls around with memorably qualities. For me, the hook stands out truly on its own with a sound which you will struggle to discover elsewhere. Musically, the band excite here with new sounds popping out like a jack in a box. Also, the combination of instruments makes for a refreshing listen, leaving us pining for more. As a result, I cannot get enough of this track.


‘Be A Rebel’ is touching with a route which is suitable to modern times. Lyrically, Bernand hits homeward with genuine conviction, and many will be able to relate to his powerful stanza. Also, as you would expect from New Order, they boast their trademark electronic sound which any New Order will relish. Also, many are claiming it is the best release to come from the group in quite some time.

You can listen to ‘Be A Rebel’ by New Order below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to their new release by commenting on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris

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