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Moby Felt Suicidal At The Height Of His Career

Words: | May 17, 2021
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Moby recently reflected on feeling ‘more depressed‘ than ever at the height of his career.

The musician looked back at his lowest point before the 2002 MTV awards in Barcelona.

He said: “I got to my hotel the night before and I was at the top of one of the most elegant hotels I’ve ever been to.”

“There are four huge apartments at the top of this hotel. My neighbours were Bon Jovi, P Diddy and Madonna. That night, I ended up getting very drunk. Everything was perfect. Everything I’d ever wanted had been given to me, even more so … I’d sold 10 or 20 million records … and I was so despondent.”

“How strange it was that I’d been given everything and I’d never been more depressed.”

George Millington

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