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London Grammar, ‘Lose Your Head’ – Single Review

London Grammar kick off their 2021 with a fresh new release, ‘Lose Your Head‘.

The single carries on from another successful year in 2020. Yes, LG struggled to get out and perform, but they still made massive movements. Furthermore, their streaming figures are flying through the roof, and it is evident to see why.

Hannah Reid

London Grammar always delivers the goods, and it is no exception here with ‘Lose Your Head‘. The track opens with an ethereal vocal performance from frontwoman, Hannah Reid. Her angelic tone glides with conviction. Hannah gets us clinging onto her every word with a passion which is pretty much tangible.

The group’s signature flavour flows as the track progresses. So much so, many fresh sounds leap out of the accending mix. I relish how the three-piece keep reinventing their approach to music. As a result, we witness them smash through with a cool new beat which hits with nail-biting texture. Also, they introduce a brassy aura within the musical instrumentation.

The lyrics are poignant with Hannah singing about her love experiences. She faces contradiction from a lover. They say they love and miss her, but her poetry indicates that her special one is phoney. Moreover, Hannah does not believe their words, or there is a lack of congruency in their actions.

For me, ‘Lose Your Head‘ is a gripper. The storyline is powerful. The mix is also full of excitement with plenty of vital elements popping up as the track drives forward.

You can take a listen to ‘Lose Your Head‘ by London Grammar below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to their fresh release by commenting on our social media accounts. Do you think this is the best single yet from the indie-pop group? As always, we love to hear your thoughts.

Emily Harris

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