Halsey, ‘So Good’ – Single Review ★★★★☆


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Halsey, ‘So Good’ – Single Review ★★★★☆

Words: | June 14, 2022
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‘So Good’ by Halsey – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆

With their new track, ‘So Good’, Halsey, the pop chart leader, binds us to the speakers. With their unmistakable quality capturing us once again, the vocalist cements their identity even deeper into history.

‘So Good’ combines an upbeat cadence with a thought-provoking tale that, with its emotional texture, pierces the heartstrings. The song starts out with Halsey’s infectious signature tone. The opening lead vocal also sits beside a reversed-sounding synth lead, which progressively propels us ahead into a vibrant mix full of charisma and excitement.

The structure alters often, and there is no clear or defined path here, with several shifts and stylistic changes. It’s exciting to see Halsey experiment musically, not following in the footsteps of other vocalists in the world today; instead, the singer forges a new path forward.

Halsey does not disappoint with a solid and compelling vocal performance, putting their heart and soul into it; it pays off, with even the toughest reviewers unlikely to fault the heartfelt emotion. In addition, the official music video displays Halsey’s enthusiasm even further, with it reflecting and shining a light on their relationship with record producer Alev Aydin, with whom she shares a child. In addition, the video tells the tale of how their relationship evolved from a creative working connection to a more personal one.

You can take a listen to the new single ‘So Good’ by Halsey below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts on this new release by commenting beneath this article. As always, we love to hear your feedback. So, do you think that this is one of the best new singles from Halsey? Also, are you looking forward to more new releases?

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