Enter Shikari, ‘(pls) set me on fire’ – Single Review ★★★★☆


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Enter Shikari, ‘(pls) set me on fire’ – Single Review ★★★★☆

Enter Shikari
Photo Credit: Andreas Lawen, Fotandi | Words: | January 20, 2023
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‘(pls) set me on fire’ by Enter Shikari – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★

You can never ever really put Enter Shikari into a genre box. Are they ‘synth metal’, ‘alternative rock’, ‘electronic rock’?

 Listening to their latest single ‘(pls) set me on fire’, it’s still impossible to make that decision. There is so much going on in this song.

This is Enter Shikari’s first single first to be taken from their 7th studio album ‘A Kiss For The Whole World’ released this April 21st.

Projectile Vomit Of Positive Energy

Lead singer and songwriter Rou Reynolds has described the song as a ‘projectile vomit of positive energy’. Rebounding back it seems from an uninspiring lockdown period where Reynolds detached himself from his song writing.

Recorded in Chichester in their self-built solar powered studio, ‘(pls) set me on fire’ has a long built up intro, and when the synth hook kicks in, it hits the listener like a ton of bricks. It’s an eclectic tune, built around layered harmonies, fantastic melody, varied in tone vocal tracks and backing vocals. Probably best described as a mix between Rage Against The Machine, The Killers & Fall Out Boy, Rob Rolfe’s drumming is stand out – really superb.

Also, Rou Reynolds is such an underrated frontman and vocalist. His range on ‘(pls) set me on fire’ is truly brilliant. Also, the quieter half verse around halfway into the song highlights the softer side of his song writing. At some points his vocal track hits the high register in similar fashion to a Freddie Mercury or Justin Hawkins.

In the accompanying video to ‘(pls) set me on fire’ you can already sense this track is going to be an absolute banger of a live tune when they tour the U.K across February and March, and it has all the hallmarks of being their set opener.

Enter Shikari, it’s very, very good to have you back.

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