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Cardi B, ‘Up’ – Single Review

Cardi B is back with new single, ‘Up‘. It is getting the praise you would expect given the rappers worldwide fanbase. Still, surprisingly many music enthusiasts claim that it is ‘yet another same old track from Cardi with the hitmaker talking about how great she is and that nobody has nothing on her once again’. One listener wrote, “Can Cardi find it within herself to sing about something more stimulating? We get it; Cardi, you are the best thing ever to exist.”

It is evident for a non-hip hop fan that it is not very persuasive, it is somewhat generic, but for those who enjoy Cardi’s signature style, this one is for you! It does follow a predictable path, but it carries an exciting flow which works very well. Also, Cardi’s vigorous rap bars smash through with omnipotence.


Nevertheless, the piano arrangement stays somewhat condensed, and it does not bring a considerable amount of innovation. For an artist like Cardi, her label could have ventured further into their pocket to get a better piano hook? Also, repeating the technique does not work too well given that it is pretty light and lacks the strength required for it to be memorable.

Instrumental aside, Cardi B keeps her high standard propped up, and she proves her quality yet again. Additionally, she stays loyal to her refreshing style. But, are the lyrics interesting enough to keep the listener hooked from start to finish? If you can understand what she is saying then sure, but she raps that fast that you will need a lyric sheet to keep up with her story.

You can take a listen to ‘Up‘ by Cardi B Below. Do you think this is the best track yet from Cardi? Let us know your thoughts by commenting on our own social media accounts.

Emily Harris

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