Swifty Fan Frustrated After 'ME' Vinyl Plays French Musician Instead


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Swifty Fan Frustrated After ‘ME’ Vinyl Plays French Musician Instead

A Swifty was devastated after she found that her ‘ME’ vinyl did not play Taylor Swift. Instead it played a french musician called Jean-Baptiste Guégan, winner of France’s Got Talent 2018.

Here is the track the vinyl plays.

The fan said. “To say I was shocked is an understatement. I thought maybe it was an error on my part so I tried changing the speed a few times. After realising it sounded like a song in a different language, I look up the song and realise I had the wrong item.”

Furthermore, it has now emerged that more fans have experienced this problem also. As a result, more users have posted videos on social media showing the mix up.

One said. “When I posted the video I never expected it to reach as many people as it did! I was kind of posting just because at first I found it funny. If I were the only person with the issue it’s a smaller problem, but the fact that it’s multiple orders makes it a bigger issue. It was pretty frustrating that I have to wait over a month for something only for it to not even be the correct item,”

Another user wrote. “What if these are SS [Secret Session] invites to Nashville? What if you call to complain you got faulty merch, and then Taylor Nation hits you up with a plane ticket, a hotel, and a SS?!?!?! it would also explain why there was a delay.”

Balls Up

Although there are conspiracies around this mix up, we personally believe it was just a balls up from the manufacturers.

What do you think? Also, did you buy one of these Swifty vinyls which played out a different track?

Leave your comment below, we love to hear from you and we read every comment.

George Millington

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