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Remi Wolf, ‘Monte Carlo’ – Single Review

Remi Wolf is for me one of the catchiest artists gracing our airwaves in recent times. She fuses pop with hip-hop in a trendy style and her vocals grip with her infectious deliveries.

Her new track ‘Monte Carlo’ is the type of record which you will come back to time and time again. It takes a different direction with it sounding very dissimilar to the rest of the noise in the modern space. Also, it stays away from the status quo, and I relish this route with the singer shining like a beacon.

It kicks off with just the vocal, and it is bold and piercing with it hitting the sweet spot. It has a tribe style vibe and has an African sound poking out, which sounds mesmerising as it transitions into the verse. The beat which accompanies the verse thumps away, and its structure is unorthodox with it often switching up styles.


Remi’s vocals do not disappoint. She has genuine confidence which is difficult to fault, and her witty lyricism is awe-inspiring. She provides a lot of excitement within her vocal performance. Also, a high pitched harmony reverberates in sections, and it sticks deep. It has a memorable hook which echoes out well after listening.

This track resonates with the listener, so much so it has something for everybody. Remi does not give a damn, and her cool approach comes across with her singing with genuine poignancy, she does not mince her words, and nobody can hold her back. But, the excitement, does not stop there; the track builds into a colossal cocktail with an eclectic mix of sounds popping out.

Overall, a top-class release from Remi Wolf. She proves she is a force and you need to check this one out while it’s still hot. So, wait no more, you can take a listen to ‘Monte Carlo’ below.

Emily Harris

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