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Purity Ring, ‘i like the devil’ – Single Review

Purity Ring is a new band for me. I was scrolling through new music to review and came across their latest release ‘I like the devil’. In some ways, it makes this an even honest review because I knew nothing about them before writing this.

My first impression is that they are a pretty spooky two-piece. It is not just the music too, but the duos look, and style is quirky too. Head onto Spotify, and the only photos you see of them are silhouette ghost-like images. Also, they have a pretty harrowing sound to them too, which makes for a rather exciting listen.

Vocally, they are secure. The beats are tight, and the music is delightful. It sounds a little bit like ‘Grimes’. But they are not a reflection. Although, coincidentally, they are both from Canada. Maybe it is something in the water over there? After all, they do have a pretty good reputation for delivering global pop stars.


‘I like the devil’ is right up my street. It is the edge, the grit and the rawness within the vocals. I find the band refreshing, and I am sure you will too if like me you have not heard of them before although I am not sure why I have not come across them. They have a hugely popular release ‘Fineshrine’ with almost 60 million streams. I took a listen to that one, and it follows a similar vibe with pop layers and catchy melodies.

For me, as a new listener, I have to say I like ‘I like the devil’ (Bit of a mouthful). It is exciting and leaves a lot open to the imagination. If only I could go out and see this performed live sometime soon. I bet that Purity Ring flaunt a colossal sound while on stage. One day I will be able to confirm.

Emily Harris

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