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Paloma Faith, ‘Better Than This’ – Single Review

Pop vocalist, Paloma Faith hits home with her new release ‘Better Than This’. The new track plucks at our heartstrings with Paloma’s piercing message resonating instantly with a sublime vocal performance.

Starting is a gradually increasing orchestral arrangement which sets the tone with warm quality. Pretty quickly, Paloma arrives with a gentle vocal which grips like a bikers glove. Singing with genuine conviction, Paloma hits the sweet spot with her proving why she is one of the greatest singers of recent times.


As the track progresses, the music becomes more dominant, and a unique rhythm structure jumps to the forefront with Paloma delving deeper into her vocal range with a striking melody which gets the hairs standing up on the back of the neck. Vocally, Paloma never disappoints, and she provides a gem here on ‘Better Than This’. Is it her best performance yet? Well, her previous tracks are hard to beat, but this one is unquestionably up there with her best.

The track finds influence from a variety of sources. Also, I could not help but find close comparisons with SIA. They both share a similar vocal space with them effortlessly being able to reach for the high notes. However, ‘Better Than This’ is no replica and it stands out truly on its own radiantly.

For me, Paloma can do no wrong. She keeps delivering time and time again, and she grows with each new release taking us on a fresh novel journey. Also, I relish how Paloma stays well away from the status quo, following her own route, and it is paying off ten-fold.

So, wait no longer, you can take a listen to ‘Better Than This’ by Paloma Faith below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to this release by commenting on our social media accounts below.

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