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Natasha Vroegindewey releases new single, ‘Me And My Head’

Singer and songwriter, Natasha Vroegindewey, has just released her brand new single ‘Me And My Head’, a passionate new single lifted from her debut EP ‘Crow Angel.’

Natasha Vroegindewey creates driven pop/rock music with a unique sound and dark image. And, the imagery here is where the heart of the song lies, finding your way through the emotive recesses of the mind, to a place that is comfortable to inhabit.  Natasha lays out the song with plenty to work though and explore, making this such a powerful track.

Having become a regular on her local live scene, playing at multiple festivals and venues, Natasha’s debut EP ‘Crow Angel’ has seen great success and her latest single ‘Me And My Head’ is expected to reach new heights and for good reason.

This single showcases Natasha’s passionate vocal delivery with great grace. With a driven, rhythmic drumbeat and crunchy guitars, ‘Me And My Head’ is a track full of emotion. The solo guitars truly sing throughout and each infectiously catchy chorus delivers a little more depth than the last.

With a single as strong and mature as ‘Me And My Head’, this exciting young songwriter has cemented herself as one to watch in 2018.

George Millington

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