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Indie Rockers Blue Statue Release Two Blistering New Tracks

Blue Statue, an alternative indie band hailing from North London, have taken the bold move to release not one, but two new tracks off their self-titled EP. ‘The Scent Has The Air’ and ‘Womb Wave’ are both tracks that deftly showcase their signature grungy, driven, indie rock sound with perfection.  The band’s new tracks excel at sounding altogether fresh and not overly produced or edited but still coming across as carefully considered and executed with talent and proficiency.

Having worked with legendary producer Joe Foster and had the support and radio play from BBC Introducing, Blue Statue are one of the most exciting new bands on the London rock scene without a doubt. They describe themselves as a fusion of “the noisier side of indie” and the “grungier side of punk”, resulting in solid songs with thunderous riffs and a huge sound meant to penetrate.

‘The Scent Has The Air’ and ‘Womb Wave’ are no exception. With a massive, wall-of-sound guitar tone and punchy rhythm, these singles are sure to impress long-standing fans of the band and new listeners alike. The vocals feel truly passionate throughout and the production is gritty and aggressive, yet still feels polished. Blue Statue are a band on the up and if driven indie-rock is your thing, they are sure to be one to watch in the coming months.

George Millington

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