Mimi Webb, ‘Red Flags’ – Single Review ★★★☆☆


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Mimi Webb, ‘Red Flags’ – Single Review ★★★☆☆

Mimi Webb
Photo Credit: Harald Krichel | Words: | January 31, 2023
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‘Red Flags’ by Mimi Webb – Single Rating: 3/5 ★★★

Fresh off being nominated for ‘Best Young Talent’ at this year’s Brit Awards, Mimi Webb releases her third single, ‘Red Flags’ from her upcoming debut album, ‘Amelia’ out on 3rd March.

Mimi Webb is only 22 but her writing and themes are so mature and well crafted. ‘Red Flags’ topic covers the subject matter of early doubts in entering a relationship. It’s a relatively angry song. It’s not quite as angry as Gayle’s ABCDEFU was last year, but it’s getting there.

The intro offers up a catchy jazzy and bass focused acoustic guitar sample, and as ‘Red Flags’ progresses you hear echoey overdubs, along with layered and reverbed backing vocals. There are hints of Shakira on this track. But the best thing about Mimi Webb is that her vocals sound so distinctively and unapologetically English. This in turn make Mimi Webb’s voice so original. It’s great to hear.

The chorus to ‘Red Flags’ is border line anthemic as Webb tells us; ‘Nobody can stop me’. She is quite right there and 2023 could really be her breakthrough year if you were to hedge your bets. A lot of credit must go to the McDonough brothers (Riley, Toby & Connor) from the American rock/boy band ‘Before You Exit’, who all get writing credits here on the song along with Webb.

All in all, despite being a tad on the short side clocking in a running time of just over two minutes, ‘Red Flags’ is a positive earworm and an enjoyable listen. It has sure fire hit written all over it. We can’t wait to hear the album. Also, based on this single, you will find it hard to escape Mimi Webb’s catchiness this year.

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