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Julia Thomsen X DJ Jason Cadden, ‘Praying Moment (Remix)’ – New Music

Julia Thomsen
Photo Credit: Julia Thomsen
Words: | November 5, 2021
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The music is beating, the piano is flowing, and the energy grabs the ears like ear warmers on Julia Thomsen and DJ Jason Cadden’s latest release. ‘Praying Moment (Remix)’ is a lovely EDM track that is the perfect cure to modern life’s pressures.

The music of ‘Praying Moment (Remix)’ is distinctive, placing Julia and Jason on their own shelf and gripping the soul to its movement. In addition, the two musicians collaborate and add to their own backlogs with unforgivably high quality.

Although various other elements emerge as the melody proceeds, the piece’s piano remains in the mix. Furthermore, in the middle part, the piano grows more powerful. Also, a snappy electronic hook leads us deeper into a new paradise with a thrilling arrangement reminiscent of some of the best classical meets EDM tracks in the world.

The nearly 5-minute listening period energises the body. It’s also great for unwinding, and I can only imagine how comforting it would be to listen to when lounging by the pool. ‘Praying Moment’ reflects many excellent qualities with its thought-provoking approach. It also reflects some of the world’s most breathtaking sites and the beauty of nature, which Julia frequently identifies as her primary source of inspiration.

Overall, Julia Thomsen’s remix of ‘Praying Moment’ adds fresh dimensions to Julia’s original composition. It’s bright and colourful, and it’s the ideal tune for unwinding while keeping endorphins up.

Emily Harris

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