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Icona Pop, ‘Feels In My Body’ – Single Review

Swedish duo, Icona Pop rose back in 2016 with their stand out classic ‘I Love It’. I still remember how electrifying it was to hear that track for the first time and it echoed out for the entire summer of 2016, I am sure many will remember that, shocking it was already four years ago. Nevertheless, Icona Pop are back, and they are back with a roar.

Furthermore, their new track ‘Feels In My Body’ has a similar vibe to ‘I Love It’ with a wonderfully catchy chorus which will grip at you like a parasite. It is not quite as colossal as the ‘I Love It’ melody, but it is massively piercing. Anyway, let’s rewind slightly; the track kicks off with a sublime vocal which gets underway instantly. There is no messing about with the vocal taking no hostages from the get-go. It brings the feel-good we would expect from this electronic duo, and they cement their resonance deep from the moment it plays.


Musically, it is exciting. There is a Mediterranean aura hanging around the background, and even a distant Caribean steel drum pops out before they unleash their empowering chorus. The chorus comes in omnipotent fashion, and you will find yourself swaying along to it with its infectious hooks. As the track progresses, the record builds into a club anthem with it bringing the sunnier isles straight to our homes. It is refreshing given the fact many of us are still bracing lockdown.

The finale is triumphant, and it leaves us itching for another fix. You can take a listen to the new track ‘Feels In My Body’ by Icona Pop below. Also, let us know your thoughts to their new record by commenting on our social media accounts. Do you think it is the best release from the Swedish duo? Do you think it is better than ‘I Love It’?

Emily Harris

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