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Ava Max, ‘Who’s Laughing Now’ – Single Review

Popstar Ava Max brings the flavour with her new release ‘Who’s Laughing Now’. Here, the singer leads us deeper into her realm of charismatic pop, and her charm is oozing all over this piece.

Kicking off is a whistling melody which is becoming a new trend for tracks like this. Behind the infectous whistle is a catchy backbeat which gets the body moving with its funky and groovy stance. The vibe we hear in the opener remains for most of the track. As a result, as the track plays out, it isn’t easy to not gravitate towards the singer.


I relish, how Ava Max keeps true to herself, and she is creating a unique and signature sound for herself with each track cementing her deeper into the history books. Also, vocally, Ava may have never sounded quite as powerful as she does here on ‘Who’s Laughing Now’. She hits all the sweet spots, and her vocal range on display is testament to her undeniable talent.

Vocally Ava Max proves that she is a force. Her previous hits followed a similar vibe with the singer putting her quality on full display. But, this track hits home for all the right reasons, and it is for all those who may have cast doubt and it appears that she is the one having the last laugh. Lyrically, it is witty and bright, and many will be able to resonate well with her story.

Catchy is an understatement with this track. Furthermore, it has a chorus line which stands out instantly, and it is a summer smash hit which takes no hostages with its confident and in your face style.

So, wait no more, you can take a listen to Ava Max – ‘Who’s Laughing Now’ below. Also, let us know your thoughts to the new release by commenting on our social media channels beneath this article.

Emily Harris

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