Tino Rondz, 'Slip & Slide' – New Music


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Tino Rondz, ‘Slip & Slide’ – New Music

Tino Rondz
Photo Credit: Tino Rondz
Words: | September 16, 2022
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Tino Rondz is back mightier than ever with his new single, ‘Slip & Slide’. It is available on all major streaming platforms, and we have been hooked on it since it dropped!

It is Tino’s first single in 2022, and he’s brought Galway musician Melanin Tee along for the ride too! They immediately set the party in motion with a fresh hip-hop and r&b mood that takes control of the airwaves.

Each artist complements the other wonderfully, bringing something unique to the table, and together they smash it, from the first to the last note.

Check it out below.

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