The Chewgs, 'Let It Out' – New Music


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The Chewgs, ‘Let It Out’ – New Music

The Chewgs
Photo Credit: The Chewgs
Words: | December 19, 2022
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The folk duo, The Chewgs, have us riveted with their latest tune, ‘Let It Out’. A song that is limitless and catapults the band beyond the confines of their home county of Worcestershire.

‘Let It Out’ is a real becoming; it is about fulfilling potential and going at it, despite difficulties which may get in the way. The song is memorable for all the right reasons, featuring stunning vocal hooks and guitar rhythms that reflect the band’s energy.

The two complement one another vocally in the chorus, and both perform with vitality, leaving us eager for more!

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Colby Morrel

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