Ricki Erik, 'Genreality' – New Music


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Ricki Erik, ‘Genreality’ – New Music

Ricki Erik

The new record by Ricki Erik is ‘Genreality’, and it has a feel-good vibe we are relishing! The show-stopping album with 12 tracks is now available, and it has an infectious groove that we cannot ignore.

The album gets off to a roaring start with the song ‘Party Tonight’, which has us bopping our heads to its Prince-like vibe. When the guitars and synths spin about the mix with vigour, Ricki immediately demonstrates his talent, and there is no way that we will leave as long as he is performing!

The multitude of musical styles on this album demonstrates that it is a gift for a significant number of listeners in equal measure, as each song brings something new to the forefront. The song ‘Friend’ is one of our favourites, and the way Ricki tells the story makes a solid impression. The album flawlessly wraps up with the song ‘Feelings’.

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