Ricki Erik, 'Como Te Llamas' – New Music


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Ricki Erik, ‘Como Te Llamas’ – New Music

Ricki Erik
Photo Credit: Ricki Erik
Words: | March 28, 2023
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Ricki Erik is filled to the brim with joy, and his latest single, ‘Como Te Llamas’, has us moving our bodies in an instant! The song, which ventures into a latin zone, is an ideal selection for the spring playlist that we have put together.

Ricki captivates us with his enchanting vocal performance, which is full of energy and he spares nothing in its delivery. The vocal hook is an earworm, and it manages to burrow itself deep into our brain! The music is also engaging, and its rhythm will stick in your head in a way that you won’t forget!

Did you know, Ricki is to perform all of his recent hits on the 27th of April at the F355 Lounge, located on Pulaski Street in Peabody? Find out more here.

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