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Motel Sundown, ‘One More For The Road’ – New Music

Motel Sundown
Photo Credit: Motel Sundown
Words: | March 18, 2022
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Motel Sundown, the Liverpool-based Americana folk-rock three-piece, leap out of New Music Friday with their new song, ‘One More For The Road’. It is a release that takes a giant stride forward for British country music and confirms the rumours that they have the golden touch!

Showcasing their high-calibre prowess, Karen Turley, Naomi Campbell, and Rob Johnson rise to the occasion admirably. They take cues from the greatest in the game; yet still, stand out with distinction providing an experience you will struggle to locate elsewhere!

One More For The Road’ kicks off with true vigour, Karen Turley’s enchanting vocals harmonising flawlessly with an easy-to-get-lost-in guitar rhythm and a tapping beat cadence. Naomi Campbell quickly joins, adding to the production’s aesthetic and melding her harmonies alongside Karen’s, sending shivers down the spine for all the right reasons. Rob on guitar draws the listener in even more with a rootsy rhythm, adding extra weight to the already solid foundation.

One More For The Road’ is from Motel Sundown’s upcoming album, releasing later this year. Also, the band will perform alongside Tom Odell and Lucy Spraggan, among others, at the British Country Music Festival in September! You can grab tickets here.

You can keep up to date with Motel Sundown on their official Instagram page here.

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Colby Morrel

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