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Marije Interview With Colby


Marije is one of the most refreshing pop singers to emerge in recent times. She stopped by for a chat!

Colby:  Hello, Marije. Did You Find That Lockdown Was A Chance To Get More Productive With Your Music? 

Marije: Definitely, since the lockdown here was super boring. It made me more creative, I needed to do something and that turned out to be music.

Colby: What Was The First Album You Ever Listened To And Thought, ‘This Is Incredible’?

Marije: I always listened to many albums but when I heard the album from Slash that came out in 2010, I really discovered something Incredible! What a guitar player. It’s like he is part of the guitar or something, just amazing what the guy can do!

Colby: If You Could Collaborate With Any Musician, Who Would It Be?

Marije: To be honest, it would probably be Miley Cyrus. I love how you never know what to expect when she releases new music. This Woman is incredibly talented!

Colby: What Is The Best Thing About Being A Musician?

Marije: The freedom music gives you. While writing songs, there are no Limits. In those Moments I just do whatever I feel, whatever I want and write it down.

Colby:  If You Wasn’t A Musician, What Job Would You Be Doing?

Marije: I would probably be a professional bed tester. That sounds like a nice job to me!

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