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Kristina Menissov Interview With Colby

Words: | June 12, 2021
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Kristina Menissov is an American model, musician and Instagram sensation. She is well-known for posting lovely, charming, and sizzling photographs on Instagram, which have all caught the attention of her millions of followers. Additionally, she is a talented singer who is taking giant leaps in the music business.

Lucky for us, Kristina stopped by for a chat!

Colby: Hello Kristina, thank you for allowing us to interview you. You started your career as a model before becoming a musician. Do you think there are advantages to coming into the music industry from this route instead of going straight into a singing career without any foundation? 

Kristina: Hello GSGM fam. I used to sing opera before becoming a model, but a competition there is so big plus I always felt insecure and thought that I am not talented enough so I think taking a break from music, becoming a model actually boost my confidence level and showed me that in any industry it is not about only your look or your talent it’s also about how hard you are willing to work so now coming back to the music industry with the different set of mind and having an idea of what the industry is about actually gives me some advantages. 

Colby: Have you always wanted to be a musician, or was the idea of becoming a singer created later in your career?

Kristina: I always wanted to be a musician, I used to play piano (I still play it, but not that good anymore:) and after I graduated my high school as a piano player I realized that I want to be in front of the stage plus in high school we actually thought that playing and instrument and reading note sheet vertically not horizontally as singers is much harder so I figure the transition will be super quick, the truth is that you need to work hard at anything if you want be serious about it. 

Colby: You recently worked with highly praised music producer Andrew Lane; how was your experience working with him? 

Kristina: What I love about working with Drew Lane, is that we are a team. We write songs together. We share ideas. He guides me when recording. He is truly a professional on what he is doing. 

Colby: It is fair to say that you have many talents, including being gifted on the piano. If I was to pull out a piano right now, what track would you play and why? 

Kristina: I would play a classical piece probably. Something like Bach’s Prelude and Fugue or one of the Mozart Sonatas May be throw in there For Elise by Beethoven so it’s a little more recognizable to listen. Because I had a classical training, in a future I want to practice more playing some pop/jazz music on a piano. 

Colby: Lastly, you have a four-year-old son; he must be very proud of your achievement; how do you manage family time with your career so well? 

Kristina: He just turned 5 year old 🥳 I just try to be present at what I am doing at the moment. I definitely think I could spend more time with him, but guilt is a useless emotion. Especially when at the moment I can’t change that much, he needs to go to school and I need to work. But when I am with him, I just stop anything I am doing outside of the home and really spend time with him. I get on his level and we play (homeschooling wasn’t my favorite thing to do) we talk and we sing lots of kids songs. Oh, and he just walked (more of roller skated) with me his first Red Carpet at the event  “Skate Into Summer” for St. Jude 😍

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