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Jake Quickenden Interview

Jake Quickenden recently spoke to us about his life as a musician.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being A Musician?

“What I like best about being a musician is the variety you can do not only have I gigged all over I’ve also been able to star in musicals and that’s awesome if I wasn’t a singer I could have done that so it opens many doors!!”

Which Track Of Yours Means The Most To You?

“The track that means the most to me is my song Blindfold. I wrote it about my little brother who sadly passed away, I listen to it now and as a song, it’s not great lol, but it helped me at the time.”

The First-Ever Gig You Played, Can You Remember It? How Was It?

“I was about 20 I’d been playing the guitar a few months and I did a gig in a pub in Scunthorpe, I sang 2 songs and after people were saying I had a great voice and it made me think I would love to do this all the time.”

What Do You Think Is The Key To Success As A Musician?

“The key to success lol. Well, I ain’t had much success in music I do it because I love it. I would say never give up, some people won’t like your music and some will you can’t please everyone!”

If You Wasn’t A Musician, What Job Would You Be Doing?

“If I wasn’t a singer/ reality tv whore lol I’m not sure what I would be doing maybe a personal trainer or my old job a bricky.”

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