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Jake Bugg, ‘All I Need’ – Single Review

Indie hero, Jake Bugg is back with his new release, ‘All I Need’. It is a track which pushes the singer even deeper into the history books with a quality which is top class.

It all gets underway with an unorthodox overture. Furthermore, it isn’t easy to work out what the instrument is in the opener, is it a guitar with a cool synthy effect? Or is at a synth itself with a guitar like sound? Either way, it sounds fantastic, and it is what grips me everything I hit play.


From the innovative melody in the intro, the beat then jumps out with vigour. It has a real anthem tapping rhythm, and I can only imagine how incredible it would sound at a gig. Vocally, Jake rises to the occasion with confidence. The singer knows that he is one of the finest UK indie names and he leverages it here. Moreover, his vocal melody is massively catchy, and his timbre glides through the airwaves with conviction.

As the track progresses, we hear a wide range of new sounds popping out. For me, I enjoy how in the chorus, we hear a colossal gospel sounding harmony, and it gives the track even more weight. Also, all the instruments pick up with energy towards the closing stages, so much so, all the guns blaze and they take no prisoners!

Overall, ‘All I Need’ is everything which I need right now. Not only, does it put indie back to where it belongs, but it comes just that little bit different. As a result, it proves Jake’s ability to be versatile as a musician, and there is no reason why this one cannot become his biggest hit yet.

You can take a listen to ‘All I Need’ by Jake Bugg below. Also, let us know your thoughts on our social media accounts.

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