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Jack Tiernan, ‘Insecure’ – New Music

Words: | June 18, 2021

With his new single, ‘Insecure‘, 18-year-old singer-songwriter Jack Tiernan is on fire. The new single is a ballad with “future hit” written all over it. Also, the fact that it layers itself in a warm pop blanket makes it challenging to ignore.

Jack, who hails from the Irish town of Bealnamulla, delivers a high-octane performance. His voice also takes a giant leap forward, with him standing up with vigour. Although he communicates a message that many will find important, he is distinctive in his wordplay.

With his poetic tale, Jack speaks about the complex realities of heartbreak, and he does not hold back with his delivery, which is at times sensitive. Also, Jack has a distinct tone that keeps us glued to his every note, and it’s easy to compare him to some of the best vocalists of recent times, such as Lewis Capaldi and Dermot Kennedy.

Strong Passion From Jack

The song features a crunchy indie guitar beat with a passionate feel that permeates deep into the spirit. Similarly, the foundation adds weight to the music with a thundering drum cadence that rises speed as the song goes. Furthermore, the track’s strength will leave even the most jaded listeners asking why they haven’t heard of him sooner.

Overall, ‘Insecure‘ is the track we’ve been yearning for without even realising it. It’s also refreshing to hear a musician apply their own spin to a sound that has been increasingly popular in recent years. But what is Jack’s next step? Hopefully, there will be more gems like this one.

You can take a listen to ‘Insecure‘ by Jack Tiernan below. Also, please let us know your thoughts on this new release by commenting on this article. As always, we love to hear your feedback.

Additionally, you can visit Jack on Instagram here.

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