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Frontline Photos Taken By Nurse Inspires New Album

‘Working on the Frontline’ is the first single from the album ‘Song Club’, a collection of songs by award-winning songwriters – including Nick Heyward, Graham Gouldman, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Mark Nevin and Kathryn Williams – that celebrate frontline workers and document a poignant moment in time

Performed by the BAFTA nominated actor and singer Jessie Buckley and her band ‘Jessie and The Leonards,’ written by Kate St John and Neill MacColl and featuring Hannah Grace Deller, the song is a powerful representation of life on the NHS frontline.

** The album ‘Song Club’ will be released on October 23rd 2020 from **

 Proceeds to (Royal College of Nursing) RCN Foundation COVID-19 Support Fund

Curated by Chris Difford, the Song Club album is inspired by the work of Hannah Grace Deller, a nurse on the front line. In addition to being a paediatric matron Hannah is a talented photographer who, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, has been documenting her and her colleagues’ experiences.  When Hannah’s photographic work was featured on the Channel 4 programme ‘Grayson’s Art Club’, it grabbed the attention of the Squeeze co-founder and Grammy nominated and double Ivor Novello Award winning lyricist.

“I first saw Hannah’s photography on Grayson Perry’s Channel Four program ‘Art Club’. Lockdown provided some great TV moments and this was one of them. Inspired by her work I asked all of my co-writing chums to use her photographs as inspiration for songwriting. Together we have created a body of work to raise funds for the frontline workers, it has been so inspiring to hear the results” says Difford.

“I hope that the voices of all the unsung heroes, their efforts and sacrifices are heard in this music. For me this record is a thank you to all my colleagues on the frontline, from the porters & domestics, to the doctors and nurses, I’ll never forget how we all stood side-by-side on the frontline fighting this illness together.”  Hannah Grace Deller, matron paediatrics, Imperial College NHS Trust

Difford’s co-writing chums are a host ofworld-class, award-winning songwriters – including Nick Heyward, Graham Gouldman, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Mark Nevin, Julia Fordham, Robert Vincent, Judie Tzuke, Kimmie Rhodes, Judith Owen and Kathryn Williams – who have used their time in lockdown to document a poignant moment in time.

“Songwriters have been in lockdown like everyone else and collectively we have dark stages and an unsure future regarding live performances, so this has been something to focus on by way of embracing the amazing work of the NHS and frontline workers” says Difford. “My aim is to document this strange time we are living in and I hope bring inspiring songs to the ears of many.”

The Song Club album will be released on October 23rd 2020

Proceeds to RCN Foundation COVID-19 Support Fund

“We are incredibly grateful to Chris, Hannah and everyone involved in the Song Club album project – donations to the RCN Foundation COVID-19 Support Fund will make a huge difference to the many frontline nurses, midwives and health care support workers who are continuing to make an invaluable contribution at the very forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Support from the project will not only help those individuals who may be experiencing personal hardship as a result of COVID-19, but will also help to address some of the psychological implications associated with working on the frontline at this difficult time.” Deepa Korea, RCN Foundation Director, RCN Foundation

Song Club Tracklisting

1 Working On The Frontline – Jessie & The Leonards (featuring Hannah Grace Deller) 

2 For Us – Judie Tzuke 

3 Find a Way – Sara Douga & Gregor Philp 

4 Sunday – Julia Fordham 

5 Code Sunshine – Kimmie Rhodes 

6 Bittersweet – Komal 

7 Sick of the Sight of You – Bill Lloyd (featuring Beth Nielsen Chapman) 

8 We Can Breathe – Nick Heyward 

9 Invisible Smile – Beth Nielsen Chapman 

10 I See You – Graham Gouldman 

11 It Has To Be Done – Judith Owen 

12 If It Wasn’t For You – William Rees 

13 These Times.…Again – Robert Vincent 

14 Hope We All Deserve – Roisin Donald & Mairéad Carlin

15 Hannah Takes Pictures – Kathryn Williams 

16 Six Degrees – Hannah Grace Deller 

17 Save Us All – Jeff Goldford and Jeff Cohen

18 Rehashtag the World – Ruby Dew 

19 Still With You – Mairéad Carlin & Ronan Scolard 

20 All Ashore – Charlie Wood 

For more information contact – Republic Media [email protected]

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