Cardi B Hails Nicki Minaj

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have long been feuding with each other. It all started after a party back in 2018 when heels went flying, and their egos met head-on.

It wasn’t a huge surprise for many of us. Especially, given the fact that the pair are very comparable musicians and that they both compete for the same space in the music industry. However, they appear to now have buried the hatched well and truly with Cardi B even praising Nicki Minaj for being the female artist she is today.

Cardi’s Words

Furthermore, Cardi said “When I was younger, when I was eight … No wait, I’m lying. When I was six, seven, eight, there was a lot different female rappers. And then there was a time that there was no female rappers at all. I have to keep replaying songs from the early 2000s. I have to keep replaying it, replaying it, replaying it because for a while there wasn’t no female rapper.”

She continued: “Then there was one female rapper that dominated for a very long time. And she did pretty good. She’s been still dominating. You never know if there is ever going to be a drought. You never know when people get tired of all the female rappers or people just stop … I don’t know, promoting them.”

Here it appears is speaking about Minaj. Well, it is about time that the pair grew up and realised that they could help each other increase their success instead of fighting. However, celebs who feud are like hot potatoes, one moment they are best friends the next minute they are on the brinks of arguing again. Therefore only time will tell if they keep level headed.

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