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Calvin Harris and Sam Smith, ‘Promises’ – Single Review

One’s a world-renounced DJ and producer who’s crafted several hits and has worked with just about every singer, DJ and producer you would care to think of, along with DJing at endless well-known festivals.

The other is a world-renounced singer who came to prominence via DJ/producer duo Disclosure on their debut single ‘Latch,’ and did a further collaboration for Omen.  He has released two albums, both of which won critical acclaim. He sang the official theme tune for the James Bond film Spectre, ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’, which was also co-produced by Disclosure.

I am talking about Calvin Harris and Sam Smith, who now have joined their immense talents to produce a sensational smash-hit ‘Promises’.

The single has received tons of national airplay from stations including Radio 1 and Capital and has since gone on to become a much-loved song. The track opens up with Sam’s soothing vocals and after just one minute the music gains a bit more build-up, setting the tone. As far as songs go, it is one of those that you wouldn’t forget as it has a hook that is easy to latch onto and stay with you.

The video accompanying this track is quite interesting as it isn’t what you would expect from either Sam or Calvin considering what they have produced in the past. They are sort of breaking new ground here. The opening of the video starts off entirely abstract then you see a partial shot of a mirror-ball of what looks like a freeze-frame of a live-shot from a live performance. The rest of the video is a mix-up of abstract colourful collages and clips of people in various locations dancing and occasionally looking at the camera.  It all follows the flow of the track and draws you into what will be a memorable collaboration of the two artists.

If you look it up on YouTube, there’s even on-screen lyrics so you can sing along with it.





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