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BBC Battles Glastonbury with The Biggest Weekend Festival

The BBC aren’t being shown in the best light in the news lately. Constantly dogged for apparent media bias against Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn. They have also recently been hit by outrage following the publishing of several high profile members of staff’s wages. This showed a wage gap between male and female workers. Also highlighting that some ‘big name’ personalities are paid vast amounts. Perhaps this is where the majority of that TV license and merchandising money ends up. However at the very least this ‘scandal’ will see things balanced.

On a far more positive note, the musical arm of the BBC (BBC Music) have announced a festival to rival the might of Glastonbury. This would take full advantage of the year break that Glastonbury is taking. With their huge radio presence, you would think that the BBC would have no trouble at all attracting huge names to the festival. Considering the absence of Glastonbury and the fact that it is going to take place across the four day May Bank Holiday.

The BBC’s Reputation.

The BBC has a very strong reputation when it comes to music and digital media. So it comes as no surprise that all of the sets on all four days will be available immediately. (or soon after) on their demand service. With coverage also expected on all the BBC radio stations. It hasn’t been established as an annual event as of yet. With it currently being a direct replacement for BBC Radio 1’s big weekend, but who knows? If it performs incredibly well, maybe it could become a regular on the festival scene and rival the current giants in huge music events.


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Matt Lott Music News

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