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Ashley Tisdale, ‘Voices in my Head’ – Single Review

After almost a decade since her last album was released, Ashely Tisdale is back with a new sound and a new single, ‘Voices in my Head’ which really hits the mark.

A long way from her Disney and High School Musical days, now 33, her track talks of the voices in her head trying to change her, and also pushing them away; fresh, clean and soft, this song takes a different direction than her previous tracks, which shows how she has matured and changed as a artist in the time she has been away.

Ashley is most well known for her role as Sharpay in the High School Musical series of films, showcasing her vocal talents throughout the films; she also played Maddie Fitzpatrick in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

As well as her acting career, she found success through her music with two studio albums, with her career starting in 2006; now, 12 years after she started her musical adventures, we see her back with a totally unexpected sound.

The track is still a classic pop song but takes on an easy-going and catchy vibe, not dissimilar to Taylor Swift or Anne Marie in terms of style.

Harmonious vocals, gentle percussion and a repetitive guitar riff all feature heavily throughout the song, making it easy on the ear and instantly likeable.

Heartfelt lyrics lay her vulnerabilities and insecurities bare in this stripped back track, with relatable lyrics that we are sure we will here a lot more of in the coming months…

The track is set to form part of her next album Symptoms which will be released this year, talking to Access Live, she said that the album will see her open up about her own mental health struggles, particularly surrounding anxiety and depression.

Follow Ashley on Twitter here.

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