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Did You Know? ☆ Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson

Or simply Anne-Marie to her fans, was born on the 7th of April 1991 in Somerset, England . After touring with Rudimental for two years as one of their vocalists. Because of this, her own voice was recognised resulting in her fame. She is actually a three-time world champion in karate and has therefore named her current album after the sport. Similarly, there is even a segment on her YouTube channel called Karate with Anne-Marie. Anne is currently dating a musician who remains mysterious because of his level of fame.

Musical Background

She is an English singer and songwriter. You will recognise her from some of her more recent songs that have topped the UK charts. These include ‘Rockabye’ featuring Clean Bandit and Sean Paul which made number one. Of her own songs, ‘Ciao, Adios’ and ‘2002’ are probably the best of her bunch. She has released a debut album titled Speak your Mind and made it to number three on the UK Albums Chart. Her song ‘Friends’ featuring Marshmello is as brilliant in addition to the music video. Kat Bein from Billboard Magazine praised the composition stating: “The English singer delivers a bossy performance that would put any dog’s tail between its legs, while Marshmello plays clever on acoustic guitar over a bumpin’ electronic beat and even works in some G-Funk, West Coast synth work.”


In conclusion, Marie is a fun loving character who likes to bring her personality to her music. This comes as no surprise when we see so many young girls relate to her. Her sense of humour and witty songs teach us it’s ok to let go and see the positive side of life. We can see this in many of her music videos. She is not afraid to make fun of herself and I predict she is going to stay current on the music scene for many years to come.

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