An Vedi, 'ConTempoRary Violin' – New Music


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An Vedi, ‘ConTempoRary Violin’ – New Music

An Vedi
Photo Credit: An Vedi
Words: | September 29, 2022
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We did not anticipate that An Vedi’s newest album, which features renditions on the violin of some of the world’s most outstanding compositions, would come as such a big surprise. Even if there is no one else engaged in the development of this album besides An Vedi, she is still able to keep us in the palm of his hands. It is a testament to the artistic aptitude that she possesses.

An Vedi, via her particular playing style, draws our attention to the reasons why this style of music has endured the test of time and why we have been mesmerised by it ever since it was first introduced. It is an album that gives us the opportunity to ponder, and it is the ideal antidote to the insanity that we are witnessing all around us at the present time.

Check it out below.

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