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Zombiero Martin, ‘Rotten Circus’ – New Music

Zombiero Martin
Photo Credit: Zombiero Martin
Words: | May 11, 2023
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Zombiero Martin’s latest release, ‘Rotten Circus’, is a must-listen for those who crave music that packs a punch, especially fans of alt-rock. This track bursts with passion, energy, and a plethora of elements that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Also, the band’s sound is uniquely their own, while paying homage to the greats of the genre.

With a classic rock and roll intro, the song immediately grabs the spotlight and builds into an anthemic gem that only intensifies as it progresses. Once the vocals come in, the track takes a new direction, revealing a fresh and exciting aspect of the band’s sound.

An anthem in its own right, ‘Rotten Circus’ will undoubtedly be blasting through speakers in indie basements across the country in the months to come. Also, it’s no surprise that it’s poised to climb the ranks in the indie rock scene.

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