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ZAYN ft Timbaland, ‘Too Much’ – Single Review

It seems former 1D star Zayn Malik is eager to step back from being recognised as a pop sensation everytime a new song of his comes out. Leaning more towards hip hop and R&B, Zayn’s musical style has undoubtedly grown with him and this is seen in his new single- Too Much ft Timbaland.

The music video has already gained over 3 million views on YouTube and viewers will notice the 90’s vibe lingering around the very animated Zayn and Timbo. Everything from that era is there- the cartoon style, the cleverly looped Michael Jackson inspired moves; Timbaland in his hydraulic lowrider bouncing to the beat whilst throwing out his signature sound effects, even the way Zayn is dressed, catapults us well and truly back. What’s even more refreshing is the fact that the music video is so simple. There’s just two cartoon characters vibing to an increasingly popular song.

The song itself has really impressed me. Admittedly I wasn’t onboard the 1D train, preferring the rich sounds of R&B and old school to steer me along. That’s why when I saw the song featured Timbaland, I was more tempted to click the video; which shows Zayn’s desire to expand his fanbase beyond his One Direction days. The song is smooth and chilled to the end. Zayn’s vocals will give you a bit of those catchy Weekn’d vibes whilst Timbaland reminds us he’s not over the music just yet. The song is a bit of drum and bass, a bit of hip hop, a bit of “omg do you remember when music sounded this good?!

It’s the perfect driving song that is going to be very popular with Zayn’s already growing fan base and will almost certainly pick up some new fans. One thing’s for sure, I’m definitely downloading this song.


Words by:  Melina Zachariou

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