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Yulanda Sabrina Drops Mesmerizing R&B Hit ‘Easier’

Yulanda Sabrina is talk of the town, for the right reasons. Hailing from London in the UK, the gifted R&B singer is to release her debut single ‘Easier’ on the 8th May. It is already spreading like wildfire across the music community.

‘Easier’ flaunts elegance and character from the get-go. A track which grabs and takes you on an adventure with its relaxed and poignant melody. Vocally, Yulanda is flying high, placing her authentic vocal talent on parade. Majestic in delivery and confident with technique, the singer does not disappoint.

Musically, ‘Easier’ is awe-inspiring. It is sensual, fresh and infectiously catchy. The beat is sturdy with hard-hitting fills and a laid back synth lead echoes around the mix. Yulanda has found influence from some of the greats, including Ari Lennox and Jhene Aiko. However, she stays true to herself. As a result, her sound promotes distinction yet creates a hybrid of nostalgia and fresh vibes.

Overall, it is a stellar debut from Yulanda therefore if you are seeking the finest in R&B and soul, look no further than this fresh new release from Yulanda Sabrina.

George Millington

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